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Business Mobile Broadband

Shahry (postpaid)
Quota Monthly Charge (RO) Out of bundle charge (per MB) 4G Add-On
500 MB 3 10 Bz No
1 GB 5 7 Bz Yes
3 GB 10 6 Bz Yes
3 GB Cost Control 11 Capped Yes
6 GB 17 5 Bz Yes
6 GB Cost Control 18 Capped Yes
10 GB 24 4 Bz Yes
10 GB Cost Control 25 Capped Yes
15 GB 31 4 Bz Yes
30 GB 49 3 Bz Yes
50 GB 79 3 Bz Yes
100 GB 99 3 Bz Yes


  • 4G is available free of charge on these data plans BUT it must be added, it is not available by default. So if you don't add 4G you will get 3G speeds. .
  • The 500MB plan is the only plan not available on 4G.
  • MoreData is not available for these new plans. Any usage after the included volume will be charged at the Out of Bundle (OOB) rates
  • Our Cost Control Plans are available for Business Customers only.
  • Cost Control plans are capped to 64kbps after the quota is reached and there will be no charges after that point.
  • The 4G add on option is not available for : 1) PAYG customers 2) Customers subscribed to a Blackberry Bundle
  • If you cancel your main monthly plan, the 4G super fast feature will be terminated by default.