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Direct carrier billing with Google

In another first for Oman, Ooredoo launches direct carrier billing with Google

With Pay by Ooredoo, you can now make online purchases on the Google Play Store and pay via your mobile phone balance. No need for credit cards – and it’s available for all Ooredoo mobile customers.

To access Ooredoo Google Play Direct Carrier Billing (DCB), go to MyAccount on Google Play, go to payment method and enable Carrier Billing. You should then enter your name, address, and mobile number for billing, and then click ‘Accept’. Once accepted, you will be able to view the carrier billing option for payment, and start purchasing with “Ooredoo Billing”. Please note: you’ll need internet (not Wi-Fi) to set-up your account for the first time.

The Google Play store is the official application store for Android smartphones and tablets and offers an incredible range of software applications, music, movies and books available for purchase and download.

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