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Terms and Conditions

We are delighted that you have chosen Ooredoo to provide you with telecommunication services. Our customers are the most important people in the world and we do all we can to ensure that their experience with us is pleasingly different.

Now that you are one of our valued customers, we do not want to lose you. Therefore, we make ourselves available to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone on 1500 if you are calling from a Ooredoo number or +968 9501 1500 from a non Ooredoo number. You may also obtain useful information on our website: or otherwise contact us by

  • sending us a fax to +968 9510 4099,
  • sending us an e-mail to,
  • visiting one of our Ooredoo stores or kiosks during opening hours, or
  • sending us a letter addressed to P.O. Box 874, P.C. 111, Central Post Office, Sultanate of Oman.

Please do contact us if you experience any problems with your service or if you think we can help in any way.

The following are our terms and conditions of service. We appreciate most of our customers do not like reading contracts but we need to have some agreed terms and conditions in place to govern our important relationship with you. Therefore we kindly request you to take the time to read the below.

1 Services

1.1 We will supply you with your chosen service, as set out in your application form and where appropriate, the applicable service description, service level agreement or contract, on these terms and conditions. If you are a business customer, we may agree for you to purchase services by telephone or electronically, subject to a pre-authorisation process.

1.2 We aim to offer the best telecommunication services in the Sultanate. However, we cannot guarantee that your service will be available in all areas at all times or that it will be free of interruptions or interference. Unfortunately the quality of your service may be affected by various factors including factors outside our control. Where service issues do arise, we will take all reasonable steps to minimize interruptions to, interference with or reduced quality of your service. This is because we value you as a customer.

1.3 We may from time to time briefly disconnect a service if our network breaks down or needs maintenance or where we are required to do so by a legally authorised body. We try to make sure this does not happen often.

1.4 Your ability to use all the functionalities of our services will depend on the features and functionality of your equipment.

1.5 If, due to a technical problem with our network, your service is unavailable for a continuous period of more than 24 hours, we shall provide you with a credit of your monthly fee on a pro rata basis.

1.6 Where you are receiving a fixed service, it is a requirement that we accurately record your address at which the fixed service will be provided. It is also a requirement that you advise us if you change your address at any time.

2 Charges and Payment

2.1 All of our normal service charges (other than special promotions) are on our website. We may amend these from time to time, however any detrimental changes will not be effective unless publicly advertised at least one week prior to their effective date. For business customers our charges are set out in the agreement we have with you.

2.2 If your service has a usage limit, and your usage exceeds the usage limit for any given billing month, then you will be charged excess usage charges for any usage over and above the limit. We will try to inform you before you reach your usage limit. You can check your usage levels by contacting us.

2.3 If your service requires an invoice, you will be invoiced monthly. Invoices may be delivered to you by post, e-mail or SMS. You can also find out the current status of your account(s) by visiting any Ooredoo store, using one of our automated payment machines, contacting us by telephone or visiting our website.

2.4 We need you to pay invoices on or before the date specified in the invoice. We try to make payment of invoices easy for our customers by having the following range of payment options:

  • at any of our stores
  • via any Ooredoo self service machine at our stores and selected dealers
  • at over 300 Bank Muscat and Oman Arab Bank payment outlets including ATMs, cash machines, internet and phone banking
  • via your MyOoredoo account, easily accessed on our website

2.5 If you are unable to pay by the due date specified in one of our invoices or you do not agree with an invoice, please contact us before the due date of payment so that we can try and resolve the issue, otherwise we may disconnect your service. If you have provided us with your credit card details, paid a deposit for your service, or you have excess credit in your account for another service that we supply to you, we may also debit your account, use your deposit, or deduct excess credit from any other service account that we supply to you, at any time to cover any unpaid amount due to us. Where we do this we will make reasonable efforts to inform you about it. If you do not notify us of any question or objection in connection with your invoice within 60 days of the invoice date you agree that your invoice is correct.

2.6 If you pay us any amount in excess of the amount you owe to us, we will credit such amount to your account.

2.7 It is important that you control the use of your service as you are responsible for paying for all usage of your service. This includes unauthorised usage made by any person who obtains access to your service. Therefore, if your password, phone, SIM, chipset or other equipment is stolen or lost, it is important that you contact us as soon as possible so we can block your service and minimise the unauthorised usage charges you will have to pay for.

2.8 We try extremely hard to ensure that charges for your service incurred in any particular month appear on your next bill. Unfortunately we are not able to do this on all occasions as there may be a delay. Where this occurs we may invoice you for such amounts in subsequent invoices provided we do so within 6 months of the relevant month in which the charges occurred.

3 Credit Limit and Fair Usage

3.1 When you apply for one of our services, we may undertake a credit assessment before we activate your chosen service. This assessment may include sharing your credit details with other telecommunication operators and credit assessment companies.

3.2 We sometimes set a credit limit on your service. Where we do this, we try to ensure that your liability for using the service does not exceed the credit limit i.e. we try to block the service once the credit limit, is reached. Sometimes this is not possible as costs can be incurred in situations where we do not find out for some time, e.g. international roaming charges, or in situations where the costs are incurred faster than we can process, e.g. repeated use of premium cost services during a short period of time. You remain responsible for all usage of your service even where this is in excess of your credit limit. We highlight again the importance of you controlling the use of your service.

3.3 Should you wish to change your credit limit please contact us and we will advise whether this is possible.

3.4 In some circumstances we may require you to pay a deposit to us before we connect your service. If you are unhappy with our credit assessment, please contact us and request to have our assessment of your credit reviewed.

3.5 If you have paid a deposit to us and you wish to terminate your service with us and receive a refund of your deposit, we ask that you submit to us your original deposit receipt or a signed written request and your request will be approved provided all outstanding amounts have been paid. If you are a business customer any written request for deposit refund should be signed by the company’s authorised signatory.

3.6 If your usage of your service changes dramatically from your usual usage, we may suspend the service. We will only do this in exceptional circumstances, where we have given you one day prior notice, or made reasonable efforts to contact you before doing so.

3.7 We have determined that our ability to provide good service may be impaired when a customer uses a service excessively. Accordingly, to ensure the fair allocation of network resources for all our customers, we reserve the right to restrict your usage or migrate you to an alternative plan if your usage is significantly at variance to typical usage by our other customers for the service in question. We will only do this in exceptional circumstances, where we have given you five days prior notice or made reasonable efforts to contact you before doing so.

4. Commitment period

4.1 If you subscribe to our postpaid service, we require you to commit for at least 2 months subscription from the date of activation of your service, or such other minimum commitment period specified in our agreement with you.

4.2 If you wish to terminate your service, reduce your agreed pricing commitment, or we terminate your service for your material breach of our agreement, within the required minimum commitment period, you will need to pay to us a fee equal to the subscription fee for the remaining period, or such other fee agreed in our agreement with you.

4.3 You agree that the early termination fee is a genuine pre-estimate of the loss we will incur in the event that you breach your commitment and that the fee is not extravagant, oppressive or a penalty.

4.4 You will not be required to pay the early termination fee where we are in material breach of our agreement.

5. Electronic recharge

5.1 If you subscribe to our prepaid service, you may transfer credit from your account to another prepaid Ooredoo customer by using electronic recharge. An instruction, once received by us, is deemed to be authorised and we shall ensure that the credit, if available, is transferred properly. We will not be responsible for mistaken or unauthorised transactions made using electronic recharge.

6 Things we need you to do

In order for us to continue providing you with the service we need you to do the following:

  • follow our reasonable instructions in respect of your usage of your service
  • look after any equipment we make available to you as part of a service, and if you do not, then we will require you to pay for the repair or replacement of such equipment
  • return any equipment we make available to you as part of a service, when you end the service
  • where you are using a fixed service, refrain from using the fixed service at an address other than the address shown in our records
  • use the service responsibly and in compliance with the laws of the Sultanate of Oman
  • refrain from using the service to commit any criminal offence or to send unsolicited SMS, spam or junk mail or make offensive, indecent, menacing, nuisance, hoax or similar calls
  • not resell or assign the service
  • pay our invoices on time
  • where you are a business customer, ensure that your employees who use the service comply with our agreement, including compliance with all laws relating to use of the service

7 Circumstances where we can suspend or terminate your service

We hope to never have to suspend or terminate your service however we may choose to do so where:

  • you are failing to comply with our agreement
  • we suspect that unusual or fraudulent activity is occurring in relation to your service
  • you do not pay one of our invoices on time
  • you do not maintain useable credit on your prepaid account, or you do not recharge your account within a period of 30 days after the expiry of your previous recharge validity
  • you do not use your postpaid service for a period of six months
  • you act in a way, whether knowingly or otherwise, which impairs or puts in jeopardy, the operation of our network, or any part of it, or any third party’s property
  • we are required to do so by any legally authorised body
  • you become bankrupt or insolvent or enter into an arrangement with your creditors
  • you are a business customer, and there is a material change in your company or in the services we provide to you

8 Telephones, numbers, domain names, email addresses and other equipment

8.1 The service we provide you is likely to include use of a telephone number, domain name, email addresses, IP addresses or other unique identifier. Where this is the case, you must comply with the requirements of any regulatory body which administers these identifiers. These identifiers are not your property and we may require you to return them if we have reason to do so.

8.2 If we have supplied you with a SIM, chipset, or other equipment, this also remains our property and it is your responsibility to keep it safe. You will need to bear the cost of any replacement equipment, unless the equipment is defective because of faulty workmanship or design. If you lose our equipment you must notify us immediately, so that we can put a block on your account. If you do not notify us then we will hold you responsible for any charges incurred on your account.

8.3 If we have supplied you with a phone or any other equipment as part of your service we are not responsible for the performance of that phone or that equipment. If the phone or equipment is defective, we will use reasonable efforts to assist you in getting the phone or equipment fixed or replaced, whether under warranty or otherwise, but we will not act on your behalf with respect to such repair or replacement.

9 Content services and software

9.1 Our services aim to be world class and will offer you access to a range of content. This includes information, communications, images, sounds, software, websites and other electronically-stored material that is accessible, received or distributed through your service. You must not access any age-restricted content if you are below the specified age. If you are above the specified age, you must not show or send age-restricted content to anyone below the specified age.

9.2 While we facilitate your access to content by way of our services, we are not responsible for such content except where it is our own. Similarly, we do not endorse any content, views, messages or information accessed by way of your service. We leave it to your discretion to determine what content you access and save where required by law, we do not restrict or otherwise monitor or control the content that you access. That said, we strongly recommend that you monitor access to content by children or minors.

9.3 In order to ensure our network continues to operate efficiently we may establish size limits for transmission and storage of emails, downloads, voice-mails, SMS and individual storage capacity.

9.4 Content downloaded by you may be subject to intellectual property rights and is provided to you subject to those rights. In particular, unless otherwise specified, you may not resell downloaded content. You assume the risk of downloaded or saved content and in particular corruption or damage to your equipment. If we store content for you, we reserve the right to remove such content for technical, legal or regulatory reasons.

9.5 We may at our discretion and without notice to you deny access to, remove or modify any content that may be defamatory, offensive, indecent, objectionable, illegal or that may infringe any third party's intellectual property rights.

9.6 Where we provide you with software, including documentation or manuals, for use with the service, we may grant you a non-exclusive licence to use the software, and, if an end user agreement is provided, the end user agreement provided with the software at the time of installation. If the service is terminated, you must cease using and delete this software. We do not make any warranty or representation regarding the performance of any software provided to you in connection with the service, including whether the software will work with other software you may use. We may automatically check the version of any software provided by us and upgrade it. You agree not to copy, disassemble, decompile or reverse engineer any software provided by us.

10 Information and privacy

10.1 We may monitor your use of the service and record calls made to our multi-media contact centre for purposes such as training, or any other purpose in accordance with the law.

10.2 Please see our Privacy Policy on our website for details of how we look after your personal information. Basically, we value you and your privacy so we commit to complying with all legal requirements and our own even higher standards of appropriate behaviour. If you are ever concerned about our usage of your personal information please contact us so we can address your concern.

10.3 It is really important that we have accurate information regarding our customers. We rely on the information you have provided to us as part of your application form for a range of purposes and therefore it needs to be current. If the information you have provided us changes, we request that you let us know as soon as possible. If we become aware that information you have provided us is no longer accurate we may suspend or terminate your service. We will usually try to contact you before we do this but it may not always be possible.

11 Legal liability

11.1 Unless we have expressly agreed otherwise in writing, to the extent permitted by law, we make no representations and provide no warranties, guarantees or similar commitments regarding the quality or fitness of purpose of any product or service we provide to you.

11.2 Unless we have expressly agreed otherwise in writing, to the extent permitted by law, we do not accept liability to you for any loss you might suffer as a result of any interruption to or failure of the service or any failure by us to provide the service as envisaged. If we have agreed to be liable to you for interruption or failure of the service, our liability is limited to the amount of the service credit we have expressly agreed in our agreement with you.

11.3 We do not accept any liability to you for any loss of profits or revenue, lost business, wasted expenditure or lost savings that you might suffer as a result of such interruption or failure and any direct or indirect loss whatsoever.

11.4 We are not responsible for and do not endorse any goods or services supplied by third party retailers that you use or purchase through the service. That said, if you experience any problems with such goods or services or you have a concern regarding any such goods or services, please let us know as we value your feedback and we will take it into consideration.

11.5 In respect of all other liability (including in respect of negligence and breach of contract), to the extent permitted by law, our liability is limited to OMR 5,000.

11.6 If we find that you have misused the service, or otherwise breached our agreement, we may recover from you any costs of investigating that misuse and any losses incurred by us, or required to be paid by us to a third party.

12 Force Majeure

If your service is affected due to exceptional circumstances are beyond our reasonable control, or caused by a third party, we will do our best to continue providing you with the service as agreed. However, in these circumstances, it may not be possible for us to comply with our agreement and we do not accept any liability to you. Likewise, we will not hold you liable if you are prevented from complying with our agreement if an event occurs which was unforeseen and beyond your reasonable control.

13 Disputes

If there is any dispute between us, the TRA has the right to consider such dispute and resolve it in accordance with the applicable law. The TRA may refer disputes, with the agreement of the parties, to arbitration. The decision of the TRA will be binding.

14 Announcements and notices

To notify you of matters relating to your service we will use the address you provided to us when you registered for your service or send you an SMS, if you have registered your Ooredoo mobile phone number. If you are a business customer, we will communicate with you through the contact person you have nominated. Changes to terms and conditions, products, plans and charges will be published on our website.