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International Roaming

Ooredoo offers international roaming services to both Shahry postpaid and Mousbak prepaid customers helping them make and receive calls, send and receive SMS or data while travelling outside Oman.

International roaming across the globe

Ooredoo has expanded its network of international roaming partners to cover more than 95% of Omani travel destinations. Ooredoo offers roaming services in 193 countries through 665 roaming partners.

Competitive International Roaming tariffs

Ooredoo offers competitive international roaming prices in the Sultanate. We add only a 15% administration fee on the top of the rates charged by the visited mobile network. This pricing structure allows Ooredoo customers to benefit from excellent value and a transparent and easy-to-understand price plan.

Ooredoo International Roaming Services & Tariffs

Ooredoo International Roaming Navigator helps you find information on the countries where Ooredoo roaming services are available, along with our roaming partners and roaming tariffs for both Shahry and Mousbak customers.

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