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Rannati Personalized Greeting Tones

Ooredoo ‘Rannati’ is our personalised greeting service for customers, allowing them to select content for their callers to listen to as opposed to hearing the normal mundane ringing tone when waiting for a call to be answered.

This creative service can even be used as a unique gift from one Ooredoo customer to another and is very popular amongst those looking to highlight their individual identity and those who enjoy owning the most fashionable accessories.

Importantly, as with all Ooredoo services, setting up Ooredoo Rannati personalised greeting service and accessing the content choices can be carried out in a variety of customer friendly ways, making it quick and easy for anyone. Straightforward registration instructions are available for customers by calling 1525.

Music (Tunes) can be purchased separately. Both actions (Registration and Tunes) are mandatory for customers to have a customised ring back tone.

This service is accessible through a guided process by calling 1525 and following the instructions.

Click here to visit the Rannati Microsite to get cool greeting tones.

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