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Goodwill Journey 11

The Ooredoo Goodwill Journey, the first since rebranding and the 11th since it started in 2005, will focus on empowering remote communities, developing financial independence in women, and delivering training workshops to improve lives in a sustainable way.

This year it aims to achieve bigger and better results to help families and communities by empowering them through advanced education, skills training, charitable donations, and use the brand presence to inspire others to touch the hearts of those in need. Giving back to the community by championing social and economic development has always been a key part of the Goodwill Journey goals. The Goodwill Journey remains an essential part of Ooredoo strategy.


On this location map you can see where the Goodwill Journey convoy is in real-time. Check to see when our volunteers reach close to you.

This map shows you where the Goodwill Journey volunteers have travelled already. You can follow them as they cover the length and breadth of Oman.

Date Region Location Event
23/6/2015 Almassana Woman assciation Kick off event and incubator fist group graduation
24/6/2015 Liwa Woman assciation Small welcome event by the WA and submit the Donation
25/6/2015 Alburaimi Deaf Club of alburaimi governorate Welcome event by the Deaf club and kids of Alburaimi distribution of kids gifts and I-pads for the club to support their learnings and development in Deaf applications
26/6/2015 Ibri Wafaa Rehabilitation center for Disabled children passing only the donation (kids indoor playground and educational materials)
26/6/2015 Nizwa nizwa hospital visit Nizwa hospital to play and enjoy with the kids and distribute gifts for them
26/6/2015 Samail Woman assciation welcome evening event , submit donation, kids activity and distribute give ways
30/6/2015 Qurayat Woman assciation welcome evening event, exhibition for soho women to show case their talant and sales items, kids activities and dubmit donations and gifts items for kids
Dima wa Taeen WA passing the donations only without events
1/7/2015 Massera island Woman assciation celebrating Qaranqasho event, submit of the donation, kids activities
2/7/2015 Duqum Woman assciation welcome events, donation submition and kids activities
3/7/2015 Salalah Woman assciation welcome mornign event, kids activities,show casing women products by the association,submition of the donations
Bushra Al Balushi

Manal Alkiyumi

Project Manager
Ayesha Al Shuaili

Khalid Al Zadjali

Journey Leader
Saud Al Rawahi

Idris Al Balushi

Website Coordinator
Khadija Al Kindi

Emily Shotter

PR Coordinator
Amal Al Hadhrami

Kaltham Al-Harrasi

PR Coordinator
Idris Al Balushi

Maryam Al-Mashrafi

Procurement Coordinator
Maimoona Al-Balushi

Amal Alhadhrami

Project Coordinator
Amira Al-Ghallabi

Amira Al-Ghallabi

Project Coordinator
Talal Al Jahdhami

Bushra Al Bulushi

Project Coordinator
Houda Al Saadi

Houda Al Saadi

Branding Coordinator
Ahmed AL Housni

Abdullah al nabhani

Social media Coordinator
Ahmed AL Housni

Usama Al-Saifi

Social media Coordinator
Date Location Region Photos Videos
Part 1
23 July 2015 Woman assciation Almassana Photo Gallery Video Gallery
24 Jun 2015 Women association Liwa Photo Gallery
25 Jun 2015 Deaf Club of alburaimi governorate Alburaimi Photo Gallery
26 Jun 2015 Women association Nizwa and Samail Photo Gallery Video Gallery
30 Jun 2015 Women association Qurayat Photo Gallery Video Gallery
01 Jul 2015 Women association Maseerah Photo Gallery Video Gallery
02 Jul 2015 Women association Duqum Photo Gallery Video Gallery
04 Jul 2015 Women association Dhofar-Sadah Photo Gallery
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