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Goodwill Journey 5

One of the most well-known CSR activities undertaken by Ooredoo is the Ooredoo Goodwill Journey.Ooredoo Goodwill Journey 5, continues to build upon the past work by again reaching out during Ramadan to charitable and voluntary associations across the Sultanate.

This year too, a convoy of Ooredoo branded cars will take a team of Ooredoo volunteers across Oman. The volunteers will distribute carefully chosen donations amongst different charitable organisations and also spend time with the beneficiaries and members of these organisations.

The following heartfelt words of the Co-Cordinator of Al Wafa Voluntary Association in Bahla aptly summarise the Ooredoo Goodwill Journeys:

“Not many can understand the feeling of those who are not always able to enjoy a normal life like others, and only those who take an extra step to come really close to them, might understand the sense of difficulty felt by our children with special needs. This is an example of the work done by Ooredoo who chose to uncover the life of those children and decided to share with them the joy of life for a moment and get very close to their heart.”

Date Day Region Photos
30 Aug 1 Al Amrat Photo Gallery
31 Aug 2 Sur / Maserah Photo Gallery
1 Sep 3 Salalah Photo Gallery
2 Sep 4 Taqa / Murbat / Muscat Photo Gallery
5 Sep 5 Al Khaborah Photo Gallery
Ibri Photo Gallery
6 Sep 6 Yanqel / Nizwa / Manah Photo Gallery
7 Sep 7 Dema WalTaeyyn / Muscat Photo Gallery
Bushra Al Balushi

Khalid Al Zadjali

Journey Leader
Ayesha Al Shuaili

Hussein Al-Fadhil

Project Leader
Saud Al Rawahi

Nasib Al Qarni

Project Manager
Khadija Al Kindi

Pradeep Kumar

Designing Coordinator
Amal Al Hadhrami

Mutassim Al Zadjali

Branding & Comm. Coordinator

Julie Amann

Media Coordinator
Khadija Al Kindi

Idris Al Balushi

Website Coordinator
Amal Al Hadhrami

Jokha Al-Shekaili

Project Coordinator
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