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Caring for Communities

Caring for those in need

Working to improve the lives of underserved communities across Oman, and play a part in empowering people, to upgrade their world and make a difference to the national economy.

Ooredoo Goodwill

Corporate social responsibility is a big part of who we are and there are many unique and award winning initiatives under our CSR umbrella ‘Ooredoo Goodwill’.

Perhaps our most known and loved takes place each year during Ramadan, when ‘Goodwill Journey’ volunteers from Ooredoo travel the length and breadth of the country to empower local communities and make a positive difference in the lives of people across Oman. The aim is to contribute to social development and to help families in need; thus having a sustainable and positive impact on peoples’ lives, livelihoods and the economy.

It has been the foundation of community activities and CSR since 2005. Throughout that time, volunteers have shown incredible dedication and shared the spirit of giving and generosity during the Holy Month, having a profound impact on the lives of people in Oman.

We have also joined hands with several associations and charities to spread smiles to those who need it most and more recently, have involved key partners who can facilitate community outreach.

Many of our women’s incubators have been launched during the holy month over the years, to support the professional development of women, most recently in Nakhal in the Al Batinah region.

Customers are able to follow and relive each Goodwill Journey on Ooredoo’s social media channels. We also have a text donations number for members of the public to donate by sending Donate and the amount to 90909.

We have also collaborated with the Ministry of Social Development to launch our award-winning sensory rooms for disabled children. A total of 8 rooms in social welfare centres across the Sultanate have been created, which provide a safe space for children with sensory issues. Sensory rooms can benefit people with ADHD, downs syndrome, cerebral palsy and other developmental challenges. The rooms can also be personalised to suit the child’s needs. The contents of each sensory room are fully customisable, given that each child facing extreme sensory issues will have different learning requirements.

Humanitarian responses

We care for the communities that we operate in and strongly feel that we have a responsibility to support in any way possible when they are affected by crisis.

Our Goodwill in these situations sees us launch into action to help those most affected. Following a cyclone in recent years, over 70 volunteers from the Ooredoo family came together to first donate essential food and cleaning supplies to residents in affected areas, followed by supporting on-the-ground efforts to clean up roads and homes. While at the same time technical teams were deployed to restore sites affected by the storm and ensure the network was operating with minimal disruption. And to keep people connected with their loved ones, we offered unlimited WhatsApp data for three days in the areas affected.

We spring into action in any crisis situation and it remain committed to helping those who really need us when the worst happens.

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