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Mobile Numbers Auctioning

The mobile number auctioning System will allow you to bid on your favorite Diamond and Golden category mobile numbers. Simply register and start bidding. Please review the terms and conditions before registering in this service. Click Here to Start 
You should get bidder number By doing : – New registration if this is the first time and pay registration fee – If you are registered before (from previous auction) you need to activate your account and pay registration fee You can do this during registration period Only

During registration period you can use : “Register Now” OR “Activate my Account” if you are registered before

For each auction , Registration OR activate account required to get bidder no.

Use forget My password feature , and enter enter your email and mobile number used for registration, then You will receive and email & SMS with your new password

Yes, If you are registered.

Yes, Based on operator request and TRA approval

The account will be available but disabled , and should be activated in each auction to use

When you bid on any number , it will be added to MY FAVOURITES automatically

During Registration period only

You can edit your registration information during registration period only, and the mobile number only can be changed, but the email address used as user name NOT changeable

Yes, but its required to activate the account during each auction to get bidder number.

The owner of the account will be the owner of the used mobile, and the awarded number can be activated by the owner of account mobile.

No,You should use number registered in Oman Only (+968) with your ID

Online only , during registration process

No, bids are final.

Yes; Bidding amount should be +50 OMR from previous bid amount

During Bidding period only

The owner of the mobile number used during registration will be the owner of the awarded number

The system will send SMS & Email to you , and You can check the awarded numbers in the system

If you award any number you should pay the bidding amount within the specified period OR you will lose the awarding

Its required to pay during registration , activate account or pay for awarded numbers

Yes, after login under (My payments)

After pay the required awarded fee, you can visit operator shop and request for activation

Any time after pay awarded amount