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International Credit Transfer

Send prepaid credit to your family and friends back home or recharge your own local number before you travel. If you have visitors, you can also use this very convenient service to recharge their mobile numbers in just seconds.

International credit transfer is a great service that can be used by all customers. Hala (prepaid) customers simply need enough credit on their account to cover the transfer and both Shahry (postpaid) and Hala customers may conveniently send up to a maximum of RO 30 in any one month.

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Transfer credit to your loved ones living abroad

Don't let distance stop your family and friends from getting in contact with you

Stay connected to your friends and family abroad and send prepaid credit directly to almost any prepaid mobile phone account. International Credit Transfer can be used by all Ooredoo customers as long as the necessary funds are available to send. The monthly credit limit to be transferred is RO 30.

  1. Dial *222#
  2. Select language
  3. Select International Credit Transfer
  4. Select Save number (you will be able to save a maximum of five numbers by assigning a key for each from (a-e)
  5. Enter the key and then the international number. For example: a 00123456789 and click on replay. Your number is now saved
  6. If you would like to replace the number you just follow the same steps using the same key to replace the saved number

To send recharge to the saved number you just need to add the key which is saved in the service phone book by selecting option one.

Transfer credit

Ooredoo App

How to use the service:

  1. Go to the menu on left hand side.
  2. Scroll to Financial Services.
  3. Click on International Credit Transfer.