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If your mobile handset does not support Over The Air (OTA) transmission, this guide will help you save Ooredoo settings for using Picture Messaging and Ooredoo Zone, manually on your mobile handset.

To check if your handset supports Over The Air (OTA) transmission:

  • Send an SMS with the word ‘all’ to 1501.
  • Three settings will be sent to your mobile handset.
  • Save the settings. Your mobile handset now supports Over The Air (OTA) transmission.

If you did not receive the settings, or you receive a message saying that your mobile handset can not be configured automatically, you will need to program the settings manually.

Effective from Effective until Duration
12 March 2014 -NA- -NA-
Ooredoo iPhone customers (5 version A1429, 5S, and 5C) using can now enjoy 4G speeds.
  • Customerswill need to subscribe to a 1 GB bundle or above.
  • Customersneed to dial *141*4*40# and enable the 4G add-on (free of Charge)
  • Customers should then update their iPhone software to the latest version (IOS 7.1) and install the Carrier Update.
  • Go to Settings>General>Software Update.
  • Click on Download and install (this will requires you to have WiFi coverage)
  • Wait until the download completes
  • After the download completes, a message will appear states ”update complete” and you then need to click on Continue torestart your device
  • Once the device restarts, click on Settings>About and wait for few moments until the below message pops up and then click on Update
  • Then click on Settings>Cellular and make sure 4G is enabled.
  • Congratulations, you can now start using 4G on your iPhone.

Add an Exchange account

1. To add an Exchange account to your iPhone, tap Settings, then Mail, Contacts, Calendars, then Add Account, then Microsoft Exchange. Note, you can configure only one Exchange account per device.

Enter your complete email address

2. On the next screen, enter your complete email address, domain, username, password, and a description.

iPhone will now try to locate your Exchange

3. Your iPhone will now try to locate your Exchange server using Microsoft’s Autodiscovery service. If the server cannot be located, the screen below is shown. Enter the Ooredoo server address (

Setting Up Data and MMS Accounts

Menu < Setting >Wireless & network < Mobile network > Access Point Name > < Create new APNs.

Setting Up Data and MMS Accounts

in your phone settings4 Wireless & networks4 Mobile networks4
Access Point Names , press menu and then New APN

Enter this information for Data:

APN: Ooredoo

Enter this information for MMS:

User name:
MMS Proxy: 

Data APN

Name: Ooredoo Internet (can be any name)
APN: Ooredoo
User Name: test
Password: test


Name: Ooredoo MMS (can be any name)
MMS proxy:
MMS port:
Authentication Type: None
APN type: mms

Internet and Voice

Following are different types of devices which can be used for Home Broadband & Voice products & services.

Ooredoo LTE CPE E5172

150Mbps LTE Cat4 CPE

  • DL 150Mbps/UL 50Mbps@20MHz(FDD)
  • DL 112Mbps/UL 10Mbps@20MHz(FDD)
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, up to 32 devices

For more details on the modem set up, please click