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Ooredoo Safe & Sound

Service Description

Know where your children are at all times with Safe & Sound, a comprehensive child safety app. Safe & Sound provides child location tracking for smartphones including, map views, child location history, and allows you to create customized geofences that trigger automatic alerts when your child enters or leaves the safety zones you create.

In addition to child location features, you will also get parental controls with Safe & Sound. Tired of your children downloading inappropriate apps? Manage and restrict new app downloads on their phones with Safe & Sound.

Bottom line: with Safe & Sound, you’ll spend less time worrying about your children and more time enjoying your family.

All children can be covered and protected on any Android smartphone and tablet, even Wi-Fi only devices.

Safe & Sound Features Include:

  • Real-time tracking of smartphone
  • Map view
  • Automatic location refresh on map view
  • Geo-fencing support with Safety Areas
  • Safety areas management
  • “Breadcrumb” view of device locations on map view
  • Child location check-in
  • Family-wide panic alerts
  • Parental Controls – Restrict installation of new apps, time-based app restrictions, call restrictions, URL filtering
  • Web portal access

To subscribe to the service, just send 1 for one-time subscription to 92112. You will receive a detailed message containing the website link. Click on the link and go to the homepage. You will be asked to enter your Ooredoo number and verify it by entering the verification code (4-digit code) which will be sent to you by SMS. Once you enter the verification code, you will get 2 chances automatically and obtain access to daily video content.

Safe & Sound is 2.100 OMR/month billed to your account. The monthly subscription includes support for up to five (5) family devices – smartphones or tablets. You may opt out of the billed service at any time.

IMPORTANT INFO: Prices include 5% VAT

Cancel anytime at https://safeandsoundworld.com/

The service is available in Arabic and English.

All information regarding the Ooredoo Safe & Sound subscription service will be published at https://safeandsoundworld.com

Ooredoo subscribers on Android only phones or tablets.

Download the Safe & Sound App or visit https://safeandsoundworld.com

Go to an Ooredoo store or contact Ooredoo Customer Care to ask to have your service canceled. Send an unsubscribe SMS from your Android device. Alternatively cancel anytime at https://safeandsoundworld.com.

For a full list of FAQs, visit https://safeandsoundworld.com.