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Be rewarded for your loyalty with Ooredoo Nojoom Program

Ooredoo Nojoom is our exclusive rewards programme for our most valued customers. Membership is available for Shahry postpaid customers and is the customer loyalty experience that offers unmatched value, premium recognition and unique rewards. We want to thank you for being loyal to Ooredoo and we’ll reward you every time you make a bill payment, whether it’s for a mobile or fixed line number. Ooredoo has tied up with a wide range of partners in order to bring you a world of exciting privileges and we’ll continue to deliver better quality, more benefits and greater value in the months to come.

How do I connect to the programme?

Once you get Nojoom membership and subscribe to the programme, you will immediately start earning your points and will be able to check your points balance. You can subscribe to the programme through the Ooredoo Oman app; head to the Nojoom page.

Who is eligible for the programme?

Every Ooredoo consumer customer on prepaid, postpaid or fixed. Qualifying payments can be one of Ooredoo’s services; these can be voice calls, SMS, MMS and data.

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I have more than one number, can they all be enrolled?
Yes you can. Within the MyAccount webpage or Ooredoo Oman self-care application you will see all your numbers under your ID including fixed or mobile. You can also enroll your numbers through *147*21#.
Can I subscribe my friend’s number to the program?
If your friend’s number is under your ID yes you can but if it was under a different ID you will not be able to subscribe him through your number.
I have a postpaid given by my company, I tried to subscribe it for the program but its not accepting, Why?
Nojoom program is only for consumer not for corporate.
I have a fixed line and I have tried to subscribe it through the USSD code *147*21# with none Ooredoo mobile number but it did not accept, why?
In order to subscribe a fixed line you have to do it either through My Ooredoo or with the number you have registered in the fixed form.
I have received credit transferees by a friend but I never received the points after using it, why?
This program does not honor credit transfer. Points will be earned if you do a direct recharge or a payment.
I am a new customer in Ooredoo network am I eligible for the program?
Once you get your Nojoom membership (Platinum-Gold-Silver or Blue) you have to register to the program through Ooredoo Oman Application and you will start earning points.
What happens if I subscribe for the program in middle of my bill cycle?
You will earn points for the bill payment which you will do after your subscription.
What happens if I only pay part of my bill?
If you only pay part of your bill, you will earn points equal to the amount you paid.
What spend is not eligible to earn points?
Credit Transfer & Account to Account transfer and bill adjustment.
What are bonus points?
Bounce is an extra number of points given by Ooredoo for customers during promotion or special offers.
What happens if I pay more than my billed amount?
You will earn points for the payment and you will get extra points for the extra amount.
Will Ooredoo send me any update about my points?
No, but you can check your total points through *147*22# on Ooredoo Oman self care application.
How can I stay updated on how many points I have & program information?
Through MyAccount on the webpage or through the Ooredoo Oman self care application.
How can I stay updated on how many points I have & program information?
Through MyAccount on the webpage or through the Ooredoo Oman self care application.
Does subscribing to this program cost me anything?
No, it doesn’t.
What rewards I will get from redeeming my points?
If you are a postpaid customer you can pay your total bill or partially.
Am I entitled to membership?
If your mobile use was between RO 5 and RO 100 per month, over the last three months, you are entitled to Nojoom membership.
How can I claim the discounts offered by your partners?
You can enjoy discounts by simply showing your Nojoom membership status on the app to the relevant partners.
How can I get updates on Nojoom services?
You can download the OoredooOman app and get all the information you need at your fingertips. You can also send the keyword Nojoom to 1500 or visit our website to check for new services or partners.
If I face any difficulty with one of the partners, what should I do?
Please contact our Nojoom team champions on 1500 for an instant response or send an email to

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