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Express Credit

Top up Credit and Data Anywhere, Anytime

With Express Credit you have the added convenience of topping up directly from your phone anytime and anywhere.

Express Credit allows prepaid customers to always stay connected.

  • Top up your credit anytime and anywhere.
  • Simple and easy way to always stay connected.
  • Simple airtime convenience fee upon recharge

Customers can request the service by dialling the short code *222*123#.

This service is only available for Ooredoo prepaid customers.

Customers may be eligible for the following credit values:

Credit Value (OMR) Easy Credit Convenience Fee (OMR) Total Amount Deducted From Next Recharge including 10% Service Fee + 5% VAT (OMR)
0.050 0.005 0.0553
0.100 0.01 0.1105
0.150 0.015 0.1658
0.250 0.025 0.2763
0.350 0.035 0.3868
0.500 0.05 0.5525
0.600 0.06 0.6630
0.800 0.08 0.8840
1.000 0.1 1.1050
1.250 0.125 1.3813
1.500 0.15 1.6575
1.750 0.175 1.9338
2.000 0.2 2.2100
3.000 0.3 3.3150
4.000 0.4 4.4200
5.000 0.5 5.5250
10.000 1 11.0500
Plan Price Validity Service Fee +5% VAT
250 MB OMR 0.5 1 Day 0.0525 OMR
1 GB OMR 1 1 Day 0.11 OMR
400 MB OMR 1 One Week 0.11 OMR
1.5 GB OMR 2 One Week 0.21 OMR
5 GB OMR 2 One Week 0.42 OMR
2 GB OMR 3 4 Weeks 0.32 OMR
What is Express Credit?

Express Credit services enable Ooredoo prepaid customers to request credit and data anywhere and anytime through their mobile phone. The main objective is to increase customer convenience. When a customer runs out of credit or reaches a certain defined credit amount, they will be prompted through a low balance notification to borrow credit.

How do I qualify for the service?

You automatically qualify for this service as an Ooredoo prepaid customer.

When can I access the service?

You can access the service anytime, as long as you qualify and have not reached the maximum loan amount.

Can I borrow again without repaying?


Yes, you can as long as you have not reached your maximum limit.

Can I borrow both Data and credit?

Yes, you can as long as you have not reached your maximum eligibility limit

Will I be charged for the service?

Yes, a convenience service fee of 10% is charged + 5% VAT on the service fee is included.

How do I activate Express Credit on my phone?

You do not need to activate Express Credit. You simply initiate a request by dialing the short code when you want to borrow - *222#

Can I cancel a Credit or Data loan that I have already accessed?

No. The debt cannot be cancelled. You have to use it and pay the amount back

How do I repay my Credit or Data loan?

By recharging your prepaid account, the amount will be recovered immediately and a confirmation SMS will be sent to you. You can also actively select ‘Payback Outstanding’ from the USSD menu options - *222#

I requested the Express Credit service but got a message informing me that I am not eligible

This may happen because of the following reasons:

  • You may have reached your maximum loan limit.
  • Your line may not be an active Ooredoo prepaid number.
  • You may have had an outstanding loan for more than 30 days.

Recharge when Roaming:

If you are roaming in another country, you can recharge with a free of charge text message if you have a valid recharge card code.

What happens to my outstanding amount in the event that I replace my SIM card?

Your outstanding remains intact and will be accessible as soon as you replace your SIM card.

Why does my friend get more credit than I do?

This could be due to a number of reasons:

  • Your friend has been an Ooredoo customer longer.
  • Your friend has a higher mobile usage.
  • Your friend regularly recharges.
  • Your friend has likely paid back all of their loaned Easy Credit or the system qualifies them as a higher user of credits, so lends them a higher amount.
Why does my friend get more credit than I do?

Express Credit is a request service therefore, you only need to request it when you need it. There is no activation or deactivation

This could be due to a number of reasons

  • Your friend has been an Ooredoo customer for a longer period.
  • Your friend has higher mobile usage.
  • Your friend recharges more frequently.
How much am I eligible for?

You can find out by dialling *222*123# or by contacting our customer care champions on 1500.