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Shahry Endless

Shahry Endless with more internet and endless benefits all without a contract.

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1. Use your main internet and voice locally and in the GCC and other countries.

2. This service is available for new customers.

3. Existing customers will be able to benefit from this feature starting 26th December 2023.

4. FUP (Fair Usage Policy):

  • Minutes: 15 minutes daily and 30 minutes monthly.
  • GCC data: 25GB daily and 50GB monthly.
  • World data: 1GB daily and 25GB monthly.

5. The minutes include making calls within the destination you are visiting, calling back to Oman, and receiving calls. However, it does not include international calls.

6. Roaming partners/FUP is subject to change.

Roam like Home is available in the following countries and with these operators Click Here

1. Once your included local minutes in Shahry Endless 10 have been used, you will be charged 40Bz per minute. To add more minutes please choose one of our available add-ons.

2. Included internet can be used locally or in GCC countries endlessly till FUP. Once the FUP is reached, customer will still enjoy local internet endlessly at reduced speed of 128 Kbps.

3. The included minutes are to make local calls and calls to India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (Fair Usage Policy on India, Pakistan and Bangladesh = 500 mins for all or 250 mins to one destination).
Calls to premium numbers / short codes are not included.

4. * Bonus data is for local use only and valid for 12 months.

5. * Bonus data is for new customers and customers who upgrade their plan.

6. ** World roaming data is applicable in 96 countries included in Passport World. To check the list of the countries kindly visit

7. *** International minutes are applicable to the 100 countries listed Refer to Click Here.